Popławska Group launches the production of cosmetic caps

Cosmetic caps constitute an essential accessory in every beauty parlour.. Thanks to them, both hair and face are protected during treatments, guaranteeing full hygiene. That is why – for the sake of the highest quality and safety standards – we decided to start the production of cosmetic caps at the Wrocław headquarters of Popławska Group.

Popławska Group cosmetic caps are characterized by the highest quality of workmanship. Durability is indeed one of the most important features of our caps. Due to the special type of non-woven fabric, the risk of tearing during application and removal is completely eliminated. In addition, Popławska Group cosmetic caps are longer and wider than standard products available on the market. Hence, they are extremely versatile.

Cosmetic caps are produced with a professional machine that allows for the production of up to 200 caps per minute. The device is equipped with an ultrasonic rubber band fastening system that allows for the connection of the rubber band with a double layer of material. This innovative technology gives our caps exceptional flexibility during use.

Launching the production of cosmetic caps is another step that allows us to create cosmetic accessories fully tailored to your needs.


Czepki kosmetyczne Rubica