is a model of cooperation for you:
  • If you are looking for ready-made solutions.
  • You want to market existing products under your brand.
  • You need a finished products with with the necessary tests.
  • You need tested packaging for your idea.

Check out the collection of ready-made TOP formulas

The benefits of partnering with us.

Over 600 ready-made formulas
tailored to a wide range of customer needs

Over 250 active ingredients in stock
which make you products effective and innovative for your customers.

Low MOQ of only 25kg
you can start a project with a minimum share of investment

Full service from production to lauching on the market
you can focus on growing your business while we take care of the details

End-to-end product testing services
ensuring that your products meet the highest quality and safety standards

Poplawska Group presentatio

What we help with:

– in the selection of active ingredients

– in the development of the formula

– carrying out all mandatory tests

– In preparation of documentation and registration of cosmetics

– in the creation of product descriptions

– in packaging creation

Logistics / fulfillment

As part of a comprehensive service, we offer storage and shipping offers for your products to customers.

We have a turnkey solution to integrate your online store with our warehouse system.


Show us your brand vision and our specialists will help you realize it. Together, we will choose the model that best suits your needs.


We will produce EVERY cosmetic for you, and we can use any ingredient for its production – we import them even from the farthest corners of the world.


Our qualified lab technicians will propose a cosmetic recipe based on joint arrangements and years of experience in the production and creation of top-quality cosmetics. Together with our graphic department, you will create a packaging design in which you would like to see your cosmetics on store shelves.


We also offer a packaging service – we can pack cosmetics in a cardboard box and collective boxes ready for further distribution. Ready pallets stocked up in any way can leave our warehouse.


The modern storage system and the division of the warehouse hall allow our customers to use our space until the cosmetics find their buyer.


We cooperate with the largest courier companies in Poland. We will send ready-made cosmetics to your company or anywhere in the country and in the world.

Check what is the price of your idea.

We will manufacture cosmetics for you.

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