Popławska Group is developing their production of cosmetic products!

Disposable cosmetic items are one of the most important pieces of equipment in a beauty parlour. They enable the observance of the necessary rules of hygiene during treatments, which significantly improves the safety of customers. In addition, thanks to their properties, they facilitate and accelerate the work of all professionals in the beauty industry. That is why – in the interests of the highest quality and safety standards – we decided to commence the production of separators, treatment slippers and henna pads at the headquarters of Popławska Group.

Popławska Group separators are made of extremely delicate foam, characterized by exceptional softness and a perfect fit to the foot. They perfectly separate toes, greatly facilitating pedicure procedures.

Slippers constitute an indispensable accessory in every parlour. They allow the customer to move comfortably in the beauty parlour between treatments. Our slippers are made of top quality soft foam.

One of the most frequently performed treatments in beauty parlours is eyelash tinting, for which protective pads are used. Protective pads made of a specially selected type of foam perfectly protect the eyes against the dye.

The production of disposable cosmetic products by Popławska Group is carried out using two technically advanced devices. One of them is a laying device, which is used for uncoiling as well as longitudinal and transverse cutting of raw materials. The working width of the device, being 200 cm, allows for cutting larger materials. The laying device includes two circular knives with smooth position adjustment and pneumatic buckles, which facilitate the loading of raw material.

Our equipment also includes a cutter, i.e. a device for automatic cutting of fabrics. Thanks to the software that allows for quick selection of the shape and type of cut, it offers great possibilities in terms of production. Our cutter has a Cutpath Simulation system with a laser pointer, ensuring extremely precise cutting and full repeatability when manufacturing accessories. The device also has a high-performance 17.5 kW vacuum turbine.

Launching the production of pedicure separators, treatment slippers and henna pads is yet another step that allows us to create cosmetic accessories fully tailored to your needs.