Holidays are always a special time, and this year’s holidays will be completely different than those we remember from previous years. Patients who cannot count on visits from their relatives and the medical staff of hospitals, who have had their hands full for almost a year and not a moment of rest in this difficult period, deserve special support. We decided to make them smile even if just a little by donating cosmetic gifts to Przylądek Nadziei in Wroclaw.

The medics of the University Clinical Hospital received a supply of cosmetics from us – not only disinfectants that today are a basic necessity product, but also cosmetics that will make them feel at least a little cared for. So there are moisturizing hand creams and scrubs, shower gels, lip balms, and also something for beauty – face creams. In total, almost 800 Clarena cosmetic products were delivered to the hospital.

Not forgetting about the youngest patients of Przylądek Nadziei, we also added sweet gifts to sweeten the winter greyness outside the window.

We hope that with this small gesture we made their holidays a bit nicer, and that smiles will appear on the faces of the medics, whom we would like to thank for the hard work they do for all of us. Thank you!